Update on Stolen Vehicles

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 00.16.26Van recovered but missing tools

Here’s an update on the recent spate of stolen vehicles in Blantyre. This time some good news!

The van stolen from outside a home in Dalcraig Crescent last week has been found and recovered by Police. If you recall the thief had walked into a house, found keys then helped themselves to the vehicle, which contained tools in the back.

Patrolling police officers recovered the van still in Blantyre last night, Friday 16th February 2018, found abandoned on Priory Street near the Stonefield Tavern. It was removed to a compound in Bothwell for forensic analysis. Tools were missing as are the keys.

Neighbours in Priory Street don’t recall seeing anybody leave the vehicle there or noticed anything suspicious. The owner of the van is however delighted it has been recovered as it was vital to his work.

Please be vigilant for anybody selling tools cheaply and look out for anybody attempting to enter your home. This person who did this is still out there. If you know more, report it to Crimestoppers on 101.

Blantyre had a good police presence last night, which is perhaps why it was a quieter that has been all week.

We’re unable to say whether police have a suspect until they complete forensics and issue a statement. For now though, at least one family are getting their vehicle back, albeit locks will need to immediately be changed.

With thanks to the Parkinson family for information.


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