Ladder used at Buller Crescent

28235139_1715757888445264_5808383756263801979_oIn what was otherwise a quiet evening, we were unfortunately messaged last night at 3am with a home security alert at Buller Crescent.

At around 1.30am last night in the early hours of Saturday 24th February 2018, a lady who had been in bed asleep, was suddenly woken up when she heard a loud noise outside.

Putting on the light and to her surprise, when she looked out the window, she saw a set of ladders in her back garden lying on her decking. The sound she heard had clearly been an accidental crash of ladders falling to the deck.

It wasn’t windy and the ladders should not have been there. Concluding there had been a ‘prowler’ outside her home, she immediately phoned police.

Police Response

The Police responded very quickly and within a short time arrived at the house, checking out the garden and inspecting the ladders. Bizarrely, the they found a random garden spade on the lady’s decking beside the ladders.

The lady who went through this unfortunate experience last night, does not wish to be named. She told us, “I live alone with my 4 year old daughter. Whilst the police deal with this matter, I simply want this to be posted here for neighbours to be extra vigilant. Its 3am, and I’m now lying here awake, shocked and still uptight.”

Police are convinced many of these housebreakings and attempted entires this last fortnight are connected, perhaps by the same one person, making it all the more important that the thief is caught soon.

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