Home Intrusion Auchinraith Road

homeUnfortunately, the recent spate of home break ins is continuing. Police were in attendance at an incident at Springwells, which took place within the last hour.

Before 12.30, in the early hours today, Sunday 25th February 2018, a local lady was sitting up enjoying her Saturday evening at home in Auchinraith Terrace, Springwells with friends and family when they heard the front door opening.

The family dog, normally quiet started barking furiously at the living room door and when they opened it, the family noticed the front door open and that somebody had entered the house. Seeing the door ajar, the lady let the dog out, but the intruder was off! With the dog back inside, she locked her door immediately and called police.

Scared off

The dog likely scared the intruder off, but it’s yet another example of the audacity of thieves to walk in, whilst people are actually at home.

All of these recent break ins appear opportunistic , trying doors that are open. With several people asking what’s going on tonight, the lady who experienced this is naturally shocked and concerned telling us, ” I won’t sleep a wink tonight.”

A reminder to all, to ensure doors are locked in the evenings, even if you’re home.

Police were quickly in attendance at the property and have just left to patrol the area.


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