Crime: Door Handles tried Strathmore

strathmoreDoor handles tried in Strathmore Avenue

Strathmore Avenue in the Coatshill area of Blantyre was the latest location to have door handles tried.

In the early hours this morning, Tuesday 27th February 2018 around 3.30am, a local man happened to be awake and noticed from his window, 2 guys trying door handles in his street in Strathmore Avenue.

Acting together

The pair were acting in tandem, one looking out whilst the other tried the doors and were unaware they were being watched. Both men were dressed in dark clothing which made a description difficult.

After realising the doors were locked, the pair moved off, although the experience left the man who witnessed this, on edge.

We would ask people to phone police right away if you see anything suspicious of this nature, even during the night. Police are patrolling Blantyre during evenings at present and will respond quickly.


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