Crime: Police make an Arrest


Some positive news at last! Around 2.30am last night, in the early hours of Tuesday 27th February 2018, police arrested a man near Blantyre Asda, matching the description of the person who had been breaking into homes in recent weeks.

Several taxi drivers witnessed the arrest and were able to advise that the man had been carrying contraband and concealing something else. Police arrested the man, removing him to Motherwell Police Station for a more detailed search and questioning.

We choose NOT to post the video and photos shared with us earlier today, relating to this story for it is unknown at this time if the man was charged or released and as such, his identity needs to be protected. Additionally, it is known to us that even after this arrest, further door handles had been tried last night.


Despite this, last night’s arrest may provide some much needed reassurance that police are patrolling the area, taking this recent spate of crime seriously and being vigilant whilst we all sleep and at least may have one of the people involved in this crimewave.

Meantime, Blantyre Telegraph, (work commitments permitting) has been invited along to a meeting with Councillors and Police and will keep you advised in due course if/when police statements are released to the public.


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