Preparing for Thursday

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Scotland braces itself for a second day of extreme weather tomorrow, Thursday 1st March 2018. So, what can we expect on the day representing the start of Spring?

The advice in general is to STAY AT HOME tomorrow, avoiding travel if possible.


“The Beast from the East” has brought heavy snow and with the red and amber weather alert in place until Thursday at 6pm, parts of certain Scotland is experiencing weather that is a risk to life.


Further significant snow is expected overnight with temperatures expected to drop locally in Blantyre to minus 4 degrees. The bad news? This weather is expected to be with us until Saturday as “the beast” merges with “Storm Emma”.


All Blantyre Schools and council funded nurseries will be closed on Thursday 1st March. Please check with private nurseries as some continue to remain open.


Motorways are due to receive snowploughs overnight with gritting where possible. Secondary roads into towns similarly will be cleared to best of local authorities ability. Police are currently focusing on clearing the M80 and A720 to let trapped drivers be able to travel onwards to home. Advice for motorways is DO NOT TAKE THE RISK. You may be stranded. All travel should be avoided. Taxi services may be limited with drivers making their own call relating to their safety and yours.


Glasgow Airport is closed. All flights are cancelled and those people in the airport now accepting to stay there overnight, book into hotels or make difficult arrangements to try to get home.


Local Rail Network is closed on Thursday. With points failures on the line to Glasgow and difficult conditions with snow, trains are cancelled. If this changes, we’ll post on the page.


First Buses due to announce tomorrow morning what services may be on. However, there is a likelihood of significant disruption to services, part of entire cancellations.


If you can work from home, stay at home!

The streets of Blantyre are eerily quiet this evening, but brighter than normal as the LED lighting reflects off the powdery snow. Another snow day is coming folks.

We’ve had a REAL busy day here at Blantyre Telegraph, snowed in away from work. A hot chocolate and bed awaits.

Be safe, check in on any elderly neighbours tomorrow and keep warm. Night.

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