Megan looks to her roots

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 19.21.54Australian Cage Fighter, Megan Anderson (27) is proud of her roots, an ancestry which span back to Blantyre!

Megan, a cage fighting superstar in Australia, reckons her talents are partly down to her Scottish Heritage.  Her dad James, moved from Blantyre to the Gold Coast when he was 25 where he met Gillian, Megan’s mum.

Megan’s rise to success has been meteoric since she quit her admin job 4 years ago and in that short time the 6 foot, tattooed lass was crowned featherweight champion. She also recently moved to the USA to progress her cage fighting career at a further advanced level.

Megan said: “I’m so proud of my heritage. I think a lot of my toughness with my fighting comes from having a Scottish dad and Scottish family. They are hardy people. I have a lot of traits that aren’t typically Australian, they’re Scottish. I’m very determined. I only wish I had the cool accent though.

My dad has a half-Australian and half-Scottish accent and a lot of people struggle to understand him.

I’m a big Rangers fan – I get that from my dad. I’d love to come to Scotland to see where my family are from and to see the Gers play. I have so many extended family members there.”

Wishing Megan the very best of luck in her next tournament and hope she decides to drop in on Blantyre sometime soon.


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