Fireworks Through Letterbox

fireLast night a group of youths, deliberately tried to start a house fire in a street in Blantyre, whilst the occupants were inside.

The shocking incident happened at Craig Street, not far from the Miner’s Welfare. The family affected have been left angry and upset when around 9.30pm last night on Friday 13th April 2018, passing youths put a LIT firework through their letterbox! This can only be described as mindless vandalism, putting lives in severe danger.

House Interior Fire

The firework immediately caused the door mat in the porch to catch fire alarming the residents who were thankfully quick to notice. They cowardly youths then ran off towards Small Crescent before the home owner could confront them or give chase.

Whilst it was a small fire on the mat, a family member took action quickly throwing the mat, by then in a blaze, outside and left it to burn in the garden.

Young Family Inside

The lady who shared this story, wishing to remain anonymous told us, “My husband was dealing with the fire and smoke and I was dealing with my 7 month old baby. The place was smoke damaged and it took until after 11pm before we eventually had the place cleared of smoke and cleaned up again. The damage was minimal because of how quick my husband acted. There are a few scorch marks on the bottom of my door & soot but the mat took the worst of it.”

Fireworks deliberately put through doors is a HORRIFIC crime.

One can only imagine what would have happened if this had been a little later and the residents were in bed. Police take this type of crime VERY seriously given the threat to life.

If you know more about this or know who did this, you can report them on Crimestoppers 101.

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