Rubbish Cleanup at Terminal One

Success turns to dismay

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 13.36.09This week saw the busy bees from Bonnie Blantyre pick up 20 bags of rubbish from the side of Terminal One, Low Blantyre, along with Blantyre’s BEST litter picker, Wullie Bell and assisted by Land Services. A Fantastic effort as you’ll see here with loads of litter successfully cleaned up.

A monumental effort collecting rubbish (mostly cans) that had been tipped on the vacant land.

SO….it’s with downright disgust that we see somebody has tipped MORE bags in the same area overnight, since the clean happened! That’s SO disrespectful and annoying, especially for the few volunteers who gave up their time to clean it.

There’s massive efforts underway to tidy up Blantyre, but when this sort of behaviour exists, it just makes things more difficult and takes longer.


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