Newton Field on Fire

31052213_1775274489160270_8078949310454038528_nEmergency Services Called

We’ve learned this evening that a field between Westburn and Newton Farm westwards of Blantyre, has been deliberately set alight by vandals.

As of 8.30pm this evening, Saturday 21st April 2018, a field nearby to the Newton Farm housing, is on fire. As of 9.40pm, still alight.

One resident added, “It’s stinking out there now. We’ve just had to shut the windows.” Another added, “This is like a spring ritual round here…. lambs born, lighter nights….. neds set fires!”

Despite Police being called earlier this evening, no officers as of 21:45 have arrived yet. To make matters worse, whilst the fires spread, the Fire brigade got lost in the new estate and ended up in a different direction, although now on the scene.

Photos Courtesy: L Forsyth.


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