Minimum Alcohol Pricing

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 18.21.15From today, 1st May 2018, the minimum pricing policy comes into effect in Scotland, the first country in the UK to impose this. It’s intended to reduce the harm that alcohol can do and help moderate the amount people drink.

A minimum 50p per unit has been set, which means many familiar drinks will increase in price. Cider drinks are going to be especially hit. An average 2 litre bottle of cider costing £2.50, is now a whopping £7.50. It marks the absolute end of cheap ciders.

If you think that will only force people to drink something else, you may want to think again. Bottles of Vodka, Gin and Whisky look set to increase also by an average £3. Beers and lagers won’t escape either.

You’ll likely not notice an difference in pubs, clubs and restaurants, as businesses in the UK already charge over the minimum recommendation prices set for beer, wines and spirits.

Perhaps still a controversial issue, it will clearly take some time for figures to be produced to see if this will work and reduce health issues. The whole legislation is up for renewal again in 5 years time with other countries expected to follow.

Have your say. Do you agree with minimum alcohol pricing? Will it work. Does it affect you or make you want to change your recreational drinking habits?


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