Clydeview Shopping Centre – gone



Low Blantyre’s familiar skyline changed permanently yesterday, Saturday 4th August 2018, when the final part of the Eastern side of Clydeview Shopping Centre was pulled down.

It’s suddenly strange to see no shops or units there anymore. From the carpark, views across to the trees of Stonefield Park can just be glimpsed and the sight is even more unfamiliar if observed from the park! Gone is the significant frontage on to Glasgow Road.

Demolition took place between Thursday 19th July and Saturday 4th August 2018 with the site screened off to the public. Although demolition rubble still has to be cleared, the buildings now down sees a significant milestone in progressing the ASDA owned site. New Units are planned.

Public was Vocal

Local residents had their say earlier today. Mairi Clark said, “I’m glad to see it go. It would look better even if they didn’t rebuilt.”

John Donaldson added, “I hope ASDA sees sense in letting to companies that will benefit people in Blantyre. Small businesses should be welcomed back.”

Sheila Findlay agreed adding, “Sometimes businesses get it wrong. That side of the centre was surely a failure for ASDA. Hope they address the causes, whether it’s rates, people or just business policies.”

Photos: Blantyre Telegraph

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