Burial & Cremation Costs

funeral-bgFor 18’s and Under

South Lanarkshire Council are set to remove Burial & Cremation costs for 18’s and under.

An existing policy has meant since 2008, there have been no burial or cremation costs to families for any child passing away aged 0-15. This latest review hopes to extend this to young people up to and including age 18. Following a final report, the new policy is expected to take effect from 1st September 2018.

Councillors were told that the Scottish Government has indicated an intention to provide financial support to local authorities. The report that went before the committee adds: “South Lanarkshire’s allocation has still to be confirmed but given the number of deaths within the extended age group, there are no significant financial implications associated with this proposal.”

It’s expected that a further report will be submitted to a future meeting of the committee outlining any further changes proposed once the final guidance has been agreed.


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