One Drink too many

drunkBlantyre man went to “wrong home”

Blantyre’s Thomas Airlie (26) is getting some stick from his pals, after getting out a taxi following a night out in Glasgow and going to his FORMER home!

After a few drinks, Thomas entered his parents old house, (now occupied by another family) and went for a sleep on the couch. He even took his shoes off and helped himself to a drink before falling asleep – where the homeowner then discovered him.

Elaine McDade had been upstairs with her young family when she popped downstairs and got the fright of her life to see Thomas in the house. Elaine woke the ‘apologetic’ man immediately before phoning her husband, who dropped Thomas off at Blantyre ASDA because he couldn’t remember where he lived. Elaine said, “I knew straight away he was just p*****. I knew he wasn’t an intruder or a ‘down and out’.”

Thomas, who works as an engineer doesn’t know what happened or how he ended up there.

Red faced

Thomas’s story has taken the internet by storm, much to the delight of his pals. Red faced Thomas said, “‘oh my god, I can’t apologise enough.’” when he saw the photo. Embarrassed, he later apologised profusely to the McDade family and promised to take it easier next time on a night out!

Pictured: Thomas in the actual moment of being discovered.

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