Update: Yvonne’s Story

Tonight, we have a progress update of a shocking story we featured last week. If you recall we posted about Yvonne Dobbie of Logan Street, Springwell, whose council house had been overrun by rats.

People were appalled reading how rats have got into several houses in Logan Street and concerned, many people have asked how Yvonne is now.

Well, the point of rodent entry has been found and thankfully sealed.

Repairs to Yvonne’s bathroom have progressed with Stephen at Tile Giant in Hamilton hearing of Yvonne’s plight and provided bathroom tiles for free.

Unfortunately, with the council not fixing the bath, Yvonne has decided to put a shower in herself, having to spend around £500 for a new shower and wet wall and cover all the labour costs. It’s left her angry and upset as after all, this is a council bathroom. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time as it was money she had saved for her children’s Christmas.

Yvonne told us this evening, “The Council and Environmental Officers have been out to street. My bathroom is now half done and the shower is in place but not been sealed yet.  It’s not functional due to needing sealed so we’re still going to our family’s house to get showered. The wet wall and floor tiles still need to be installed. Thank you again for your help and support. I have not had any rats, fingers crossed for about a week now.”

Support has been offered to Yvonne. Both Councillors Maureen Chalmers and Mo Razzaq have been in touch offering their assistance. Environmental Health have been out. Julie, an officer from Springwell Housing has also been in touch. Yvonne’s story has also attracted media attention from the Scottish Sun, a reporter investigating other houses in the street that may have also been affected by rats. It would seem the rats in this area may be a bigger problem than once thought.

Reports and Action plans from Housing and Environmental Health are being prepared.


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