Blantyre Author aims for Film Deal

43197733_2028258457194430_6980982238817026048_oRemember ‘Blantyre Oscars 2018’ winner David Purse? Well the talented Blantyre author has been aiming even higher than book deals, with his sights now firmly set on a big film or TV deal!

It’s been a surreal time recently for his company, “Inked Entertainment”. David is a successful crime thriller writer having already published several excellent books. Writing under the name Jack mcSporran, David’s incredible Maggie Black series, (a female James Bond if you like!), has taken the book world by storm.

His writing and push for success has already taken David and family to different parts of the world in pursuit of book deals, seeking publishing distribution outlets and now he’s landed in Hollywood in talks with agents there about taking the next step in turning his books on to big or silver screen!

David updated his fb status earlier today, Friday 5th October 2018 with this photo of the champagne being opened as he excitedly announced that his Maggie Black series is now being represented by Hollywood powerhouse ‘United Talent Agency’….for film and TV!


David added, “We’re so happy to have talent agent Mary Pender-Coplan by our side to get Maggie on the big or silver screen! UTA represent people like Angelina Jolie, Chris Pratt, Benedict Cumberbatch, producer Chuck Lorre, director Wes Anderson, and now us(!!!).”

Well done David! You’re family must be SO proud! We’re so pleased for your news and we’re sure all our readers like us, look forward to sitting in a cinema in the future and watching something you’ve written, acted out by well known actors. No bad, fur a boy fae Blantyre!


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