Disorder at Livingstone Grounds



There are growing community concerns about recent incidents of vandalism and fires in the grounds of the David Livingstone Centre.

In the last week, mindless vandals have destroyed fences in the Africa Pavilion Gardens near the pond and used the wood to light and burn down prominent nearby trees. The health of these trees have been compromised and left an eyesore. The centre is currently closed and it’s known that there are many varied and special, even rare species of trees and plants in this garden.

A shocked local lady told us today, “At the David Livingstone Trust meeting during Springtime, the public were told there was to be 24 hour security at the centre and grounds. I don’t think that is the case! I spoke to the contractors a few weeks ago after I saw youths in the fenced off area one Friday night, they said CCTV was going to be installed, certainly not the security expected.”

The centre staff have been sent these photos to consider what actions need to be taken.

Have your say. Do you know more? You can report who did this anonymously to Police Crimestoppers on 101.


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