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High Blantyre Vandalised

We’re putting up a financial reward for information which leads to the successful conviction of the disgusting individual(s) who have been tagging High Blantyre this week. Police are now involved due to the widespread nature of this crime. As authorities request homeowners and shops to check their CCTV footage, we’re utterly disgusted to see how […]

Vandalism at Glenfruin Road

A local family was left angry and somewhat shocked at the weekend after youths broke a window of their home in Glenfruin Road, Blantyre. The living room window was broken, shattered by young boys (aged approx 11 or 12 years) yesterday, Sunday 22nd May 2022 as they threw stones over a six foot fence at […]

West End Vandalism

A fun night out at the West End Bar was halted last night, after owners discovered the female toilets had been deliberately vandalised. The popular bar on Glasgow Road, Blantyre had to close its doors during a busy Saturday evening after staff found to their disgust, that the sink unit had been ripped off the […]

Disgusting Vandalism

How about this for brainless, disgusting vandalism? It’s one thing people having their own opinion on the pandemic, but a special kind of moronic selfishness to push it on to others by vandalising a stone wall on one of our most ancient areas of Blantyre. This vile and low piece of criminal vandalism has appeared […]

Intruder at Milheugh Place

An alert goes out after a man was spotted spotted hanging around back gardens at Millheugh Place, High Blantyre yesterday 21st January around 2:15 pm. He is described as around 55-60 years of age with a balding patch. He was seen entering a resident’s back garden then after around 5 minutes, left. When the man’s […]

Shopping Centre Vandalism

It takes a special kind of muppet to spray paint property, but the person who did this at Clydeview Shopping Centre REALLY is a ‘brainless wonder’! Once again, the aesthetics of Blantyre are brought down. The lack of respect and stupidity is mind boggling, especially with so much CCTV nearby. One local lady told us, […]

Redlees Vandalism & Litter

Local dog walkers and visitors to Redlees Park have been astounded this week by the mess, amount of vandalism and litter appearing since last week. Damaged trees, litter, cans and bottles thrown all over the place, as well as damage to the former AA Battery, located near Blantyreferme. The concerned sender of these photos has […]