High Blantyre Vandalised

We’re putting up a financial reward for information which leads to the successful conviction of the disgusting individual(s) who have been tagging High Blantyre this week.

Police are now involved due to the widespread nature of this crime. As authorities request homeowners and shops to check their CCTV footage, we’re utterly disgusted to see how much private property has been vandalised this week by meaningless tagging….. by let’s face it….”utter arseholes” who can’t muster a brain cell between themselves.

The childish, deliberate tagging with such blatant disrespect for the community, businesses and home owners is apparent on street furniture at High Blantyre Cross, along Main Street, on walls and fences in Kirkton Park, some of it in very public places. Not only council property, but Royal Mail, Utility companies equipment and affecting private businesses like the photo here, having their shop signs spray painted with idiotic drivel.

It’s a shame feral idiots like these roam the streets in a town where so many kind volunteers are trying daily to make the place brighter and better. The selfishness of these lowlives bringing Blantyre down into the gutter and are actually costing their own families more in council tax each year as the council quickly respond to clear the mess. Their sad little tag slogans mean nothing whatsoever to anybody and are clearly just a sign of their own massive insecurities and immaturity.

If you know more, please message us privately and we’ll be happy to pass on to Police.


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