Disgusting Vandalism

How about this for brainless, disgusting vandalism?

It’s one thing people having their own opinion on the pandemic, but a special kind of moronic selfishness to push it on to others by vandalising a stone wall on one of our most ancient areas of Blantyre.

This vile and low piece of criminal vandalism has appeared on the Kirkyard wall today at the top Cross, High Blantyre. Clearly done by idiots with no regard for others, the community or environment. A special kind of stupid.

We cannot imagine anybody in Blantyre itself would ever do this, regardless of their opinion on Covid.

Can we ask for volunteers this evening around 7pm to help us remove it with scrubbing brushes? Knowing many people who have lost their lives in Blantyre to Covid, this kind of message deserves to be seen by nobody, not least the families of those who have passed.

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