Sainburys & Argos Cutbacks

There’s concern for jobs today as Sainburys announce they’re cutting 3,500 jobs across the country.

Locally, Sainburys had already announced the closure of their Olympia store and focusing on Kingsgate Retail Park.

The announcement also stated that 420 ARGOS in store shops will close completely by 2024. Jobs to go may be centred around the closure of its delicatessens and fresh fish and meat counters – which shut in March, at the beginning of the first lockdown.

As the business streamlines to cope with the downturn impact of trade and covid, Simon Roberts, Sainsbury’s chief executive, said: “We are talking to colleagues today about where the changes we are announcing in Argos standalone stores and food counters impact their roles.”

“We will work really hard to find alternative roles for as many of these colleagues as possible and expect to be able to offer alternative roles for the majority of impacted colleagues.”

Consultations to secure the best deal for staff will get underway shortly.

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