Intruder at Milheugh Place

An alert goes out after a man was spotted spotted hanging around back gardens at Millheugh Place, High Blantyre yesterday 21st January around 2:15 pm.

He is described as around 55-60 years of age with a balding patch. He was seen entering a resident’s back garden then after around 5 minutes, left. When the man’s daughter came home from school, the back garden was a complete mess with some ornaments smashed and a large scrape around their door and window handles…as if he tried to smash his way into the empty house. He may have been scared off by the dog.

Local police confirmed in recent weeks opportunistic thefts have been occurring in gardens and vehicles (mostly due to cars being unlocked). Theft and vandalism won’t be tolerated in Blantyre. Sometimes the individuals doing this are under the influence and may not always be aware of their surroundings or actions. It’s a reminder to keep vehicles locked and to look out for neighbours.


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