Crime: Rowan Place Attempted Break-in

rowanA lady was left frightened last night as she heard somebody trying to break into her home.

At around 11pm last night, Saturday 13th October 2018, a woman living at Rowan Place, just off Glasgow Road heard her door handle being tried and then heard keys being tried in her door.

Knowing nobody else has a key, the frightened lady waited until the sounds passed and was relieved that nobody entered the house. She told us this morning, “Please can you put out an anonymous word in Blantyre of someone still trying doors. I have a child and was too terrified to sleep just in case.  All my blinds were closed but when I looked out there was a man dressed in black heading across the road. I couldn’t see his face. After it had happened my partner came away from work to see if there was anyone around.”

Whilst there was no break in, it’s a reminder to remain vigilant, even living in brightly lit streets, to ensure your doors and windows are locked each evening.


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