Crime: Greenbank House Break in


A house in Blantyre was illegally entered on Wednesday morning.

At around 1am in the early hours of Wednesday 10th October 2018, a lone male wearing light coloured casual clothing, successfully broke into a home at Greenbank, just off Moorfield Road, near Burnbrae Road.

The house belongs to a young woman who told us, “The thief took my keys, car keys, stole my purse and our alcohol.”

A male was observed on CCTV during the night-time raid walking into the garden and up the path towards the house. The break in was not heard by the householder. The following day the footage was handed over to police along with statements. It’s incredible to think that some idiots still break into homes when SO many houses in Blantyre now have some sort of indoor or outdoor CCTV fitted. It hugely helps police and in many cases where CCTV is provided, police usually DO catch up with criminals making arrests.

In this instance, the investigation is ongoing and the house-owner subsequently changed all the locks on her house and vehicle, further reviewing her security.


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