Kennel Cough Outbreak

petsAttention dog owners! Dog owners in the Village are warning us about an outbreak of “Kennel Cough” affecting their pets.

Kennel cough is an infection in dogs that affects the throat, airway and lungs. It’s caused by bacteria or viruses and can spread quickly between dogs. Despite the name, kennel cough is most commonly caught in parks and other popular dog walking areas, rather than in boarding kennels.

In most cases, dogs will recover from kennel cough without treatment within three weeks, but it can sometimes linger for anything up to six weeks. To aid recovery, make sure your home is well ventilated and avoid using a collar and lead, as any pulling might aggravate the wind pipe further – a harness is a better option on walks. Should treatment be given, antibiotics can kill the bacteria. A visit to your vet is recommended in the first instance.

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