Crime: Suspicious Activity in Bushes


A male was spotted in bushes last night acting suspiciously in an area of Low Blantyre where there has been TWO separate indecent incidents in as many weeks.

Blantyre lady, Laura Jane Thomson and her friend had come off the train at Blantyre Station at 11pm last night Friday 19th October 2018 and had walked up on to the bridge on Station Road. The Station is currently closed for repair forcing them to walk all the way around up on to the bridge).

As they approached the middle of the path on the bridge, the ladies noticed 2 men. One was standing on the path near them, but the other was standing with his back to the metal fence, hiding from view by a bush, only his feet visible. He was completely still and silent, acting suspiciously.

The man on the path had also seen the male in the bushes and he kindly waited for the ladies to pass to make sure they were safe. All agreed, there is no reason for this man to be standing where he was, as it was clear he was deliberately hiding himself.

Laura told us, “Just a warning to anyone coming off the train into Blantyre, especially from Glasgow side. The man didn’t move a muscle even after he knew he had clearly been seen. Just be careful. I reported this to the police as soon as I had passed him.”

Laura’s warning to others is deserving to be put up here. This is the third incident in as many weeks of a male in this area and at Farm Road acting suspiciously beside women coming from the station. The other 2 incidents were more serious with the male openly “rubbing himself” and running off when seen. This menace needs caught.


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