Glasgow Road Redevelopment

Landscaping Work Progresses


The ASDA retail units may not be getting built anytime soon, but there’s a plus point. There’s quite an open view forming from Craig Street and Asda Car Park, all the way down to the Public Park, opening up the space which we think will look green (if not fairly redundant) in summertime.

Our photos today show the area now largely levelled out as kerbing and landscaping work commences at a pace.

Across from Greggs new location, a small kiosk building is planned and Timpsons will move over to that location in the near future.

Works near the petrol station continue and with ASDA now owning the former Post Office corner land, it’s being landscaped over too right up to Logan Street. Improvements to parking are planned at the front of the whole landscaped area, with the groundwork already future proofed. By this, we mean ASDA has confirmed they still intend to invest and build the units sometime in future, if demand is there.

On the opposite site of Logan Street, the small wooded area at the corner of Church Street, facing on to Glasgow Road and next to Terminal One is in the process of being sold by ASDA with a certain well known coffee company planning on building a drive through.

One things for certain, this whole area is changing FAST!



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