Crime: Devlin Grove Breakins

Blantyre Telegraph has learned that Devlin Grove, Low Blantyre has been broken into recently, on more than one occasion. 

Tracy Carney , whose parents live at Devlin Grove told us, “Over the weekend, four youths have tried to gain entry into the building.” The incident happened on Saturday about 4.30pm

She continued, “The first time they succeeded in entering, they ran around the inside shouting & trying doors alarming residents. They also emptied litter all over the floor which had to be cleaned later.”

The police were called but the youths were away by the time they arrived.

Incredibly, the idiots came back on Sunday after 7pm. A rise in disorder in Low Blantyre around the sports centre area has recently prompted an increased frequency of police patrols.

Do you know more about these break ins? You can report this crime anonymously to Police on Crimestoppers 101.


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