Serious Accident: EK Expressway

Long Tailbacks

We’re receiving reports of a serious vehicle accident on the East Kilbride Expressway heading up towards the Whirlies. 

The accident, which happened just before 2pm today, Saturday 8th December 2018, currently has traffic completely gridlocked. 

A blue car has overturned and the nature and position of it, would suggest a most serious accident has happened. 5 ambulances, the fire brigade and police are currently in attendance and the situation is very much ongoing as of 2.55pm.

Messages received from people travelling past, suggest they viewed ‘a most horrendous scene’. We won’t be posting any photos of the accident and hope sincerely the occupant(s) of the vehicle are ok. 

Meantime, please avoid the EK Expressway. It may take some time to be cleared.


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