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Ek Expressway Accident

The A725 EK Expressway was closed off in both direction this morning, Sunday 31st July 2022 after a significant accident. Emergency services attended after 10am this morning at a location between Crossbasket and the Whirlies Roundabout and the road ended up being closed off in both directions. It partially opened around midday, before being fully […]

Expressway Near miss

The subject of drivers going up the WRONG direction on the East Kilbride Expressway once again returns after a concerning incident this week. Following extensive campaigns in previous years by readers of Blantyre Telegraph, many improvements were made to the sliproads to improve the safety of drivers and lessen any risk of accident. However, on […]

Accident! EK Expressway

Please avoid the East Kilbride Expressway. A multi vehicle accident has taken place on the A725 this afternoon just before 4pm. It’s on the side coming from Kingsgate off the roundabout on to the slip road. Traffic is significantly queueing. One onlooker told us, “One car is across the two lanes and the other blocking […]

EK Expressway Closure

As with last night, there’s another closure on the EK Expressway this evening. The A725 Ek Expressway Slip On From Main Street at Douglas Street To A725 West bound To Raith, Blantyre, Glasgow, is closed overnight with diversions in place. Works should be completed by morning.

Storm Damage: Tree down on Expressway

Drivers are urged to take care on the A725 EK Expressway amidst reports that a tree has fallen in today’s storm. It appears to have fallen on to the inside lane as if you’re heading up to the Whirlies Roundabout. Report suggests drivers are having to take evasive action to avoid it. The incident has […]

EK Expressway Roadworks

There’s misery in store for Drivers this month with a series of roadworks taking place on the A725 East Kilbride Expressway during October. Amongst the planned works is the much needed resurfacing work on the A725 between the EK Whirlies Roundabout and down to High Blantyre’s sliproad at Crossbasket at High Blantyre. Works at that […]

EK Expressway Accident

There’s been an accident on the A725 East Kilbride Expressway. Vehicles have been involved in a collision sometime just after 9pm this evening, Thursday 26 September 2019 near the High Blantyre turn off. As of 9.15pm, emergency services including fire and ambulance have just arrived. Local residents report of hearing an “extremely loud bang”. We […]