Cashline Card Fraud

We’ve heard of TWO separate incidents this week where a local person’s Cashline Card has been cloned and used by others!

This is an alert for this local area, given one of the people this happened to, was a family member. Thieves have been trying to use cards in the East Kilbride area that are registered to owners here. With cards being presented, it means they have been cloned (copied).

This kind of fraud can take place at ATMs, that thieves have fixed devices or cameras to and can sometimes be detected as looking abnormal or out of place. Cards can also be cloned by presenting them to shop staff who take them away out of sight.

This is a reminder to be vigilant at ALL ATM machines. Look for anything out of the ordinary on them and report it if you see something strange. Similarly, when purchasing items in shops, make sure you keep an eye on the whereabouts of the card at all times.

Thankfully in BOTH instances, bank fraud teams caught the illegal purchases and blocked the cards, which although frustrating for the real owner at this time of year especially, at least their accounts were safe. Fraud teams have assured both people they are pursuing the matter with the stores where the crimes took place.

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