Home Intruder Confronted

A home intruder got his comeuppance last night by a Village resident in Blantyre when he was confronted by the owner of the house. What made this more remarkable was that it was an elderly lady owner who bravely tackled him!

Last night, Thursday 10th January 2019, a low life male was trying doors in the Village area and managed to illegally enter a house in Wallace Place by walking in the door.

As the thief looked around for something to steal, the property owner, an elderly Blantyre woman happened to be coming back through from her kitchen with a cup of tea. Shocked and startled by seeing the man in her house, she threw her scalding tea in his face!

The uninvited man, injured then ran out the house and following shouts from the woman, a couple of people from the Village gave chase to him. However, he got away heading towards the train station. Police were then called.

The man was around 6ft, wearing all black.

A concerned neighbour has asked for this post to be put up as a reminder for people all over Blantyre to keep their doors locked. Let’s hope this guy gets caught soon.


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