Greenhall Park Cordoned off

Police Incident

A Police incident of unknown nature is currently unfolding tonight at Greenhall Park, High Blantyre.

Four Police Cars, a serious Incident vehicle and emergency services set up a perimeter at each end of Greenhall Park sometime before 9.00pm tonight, Monday 11 February 2019.

The park has now been cordoned off with ticker tape at each entrance (above Salveson Homes and near Crossbasket). Police are stationed at either end and further unmarked vehicles have arrived on the scene since this picture was taken.

Clearly something of a serious nature has occurred. We would ask that nobody speculates on what has happened and we’ll try to find out more asap.

Update: 10.20pm – The road coming off the EK Expressway is still passable, as is heading up to Crossbasket. 

However, perhaps best to avoid the area meantime.


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