Mick n Phil – Like it Used to

Mick Muir sent us a message saying, “Hi. I’m part of a duo called ‘Mick n Phil’. Whilst we live in Hamilton, we have a new song about loss and mental health awareness which we’d like to share with Blantyre folk.”

“We work closely with many charities and really feel this song could really help someone out there”

Mick, who is in the group with his twin brother is releasing the song today available to buy online and download, although it is available today to preview on Youtube as below.

The song itself “Like it Used to” is about loss and having to deal with it in your own way.

Mick continued, “We personally wrote it about our mother who took her own life when we where only little and our own mental health issues we each had to deal with. I feel the song can help people or at least give them some hope.”

Well done gents! It’s a brilliant song.


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