Controversial Parking Plans

Moves are afoot to address parking concerns in Station Road, Blantyre, but the plans won’t be to everybody’s liking.

Plans for introducing ‘pay to park’ zones were discussed by South Lanarkshire Council’s Roads Safety Forum on Tuesday 12 March. The scheme is called ‘Residents’ Parking Permit Zones (RPPZ), which is already in place in the Village in East Kilbride.

The review suggested that along with some areas of Hamilton, Bothwell and Uddingston, some residents of Station Road MAY have to pay a small fee to buy a parking permit if they wish to park outwith their driveways.

In Blantyre, the controversial issue is confined to Station Road. To park in such street zones, residents would have to pay for a permit. Where there are empty spaces, a pay to park metered policy would be introduced.

Three different monthly fees were proposed, which are still being discussed. One suggestion was for £20 per car. Other Councillors suggested £10 per month would be sufficient to cover administration costs only without excessively charging residents. It was generally agree that £5 per month would not cover the administration of issuing the permits.

RRPZ proposed zones include Station Road (Blantyre), Tuphall Road, Abercorn Drive and Chestnut Crescent (Hamilton), Fairyknowe Gardens (Bothwell) and Main Street (Uddingston).

Final arrangements have still to be agreed.

Have your say. Do you agree with the proposals? Does it set a dangerous precedent? Will it affect business? What else could be done?

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