It’s happened again!

Would you believe it! It’s happened again!

We are shocked to learn of yet another instance of a vehicle entering the sliproad in the wrong direction at High Blantyre, the SIXTH time this has been reported to us in as many months.

Around 1.30pm today Sunday 31 March 2019, another vehicle entered the sliproad a white Audi left Hamilton Road but instead of crossing the junction to Stoneymeadow Road , the driver turned left UP the sliproad in the wrong direction. A sliproad where notoriously cars travel down that road at 60mph or more.

A local lady told us today, “In this instance, he realised his mistake and slammed on the brakes before he rounded the corner. He then reversed back and seemed to be having trouble then getting out of reverse. “

Road safety concerns at this location and at Whistleberry Road were upheld by the council following our recent campaign, with the council conceding more could be done to make the sliproads safer.

New signage, repainting of lines, cutting back trees and the formation of directional traffic islands are planned. However, it can’t come quick enough. We wrote fortnight ago to the council asking for the work to be brought forward to mitigate public safety risks, but have yet to receive a response.


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