New Multi Storey Offices

Shock Announcement

Blantyre has been left stunned and ‘reeling’ by the latest planning application to be submitted to South Lanarkshire Council, proposing brand new multi storey council offices.

A new 16 storey office block is proposed for a corner of Stonefield Public Park, complete with associated parking, that will likely be seen from all vantage points in the town. We’ve managed to obtain an exclusive look at the artist’s drawing.

The shock announcement has angered many people, especially those living nearby. Mrs A Fulham told us today, “I’m not happy. It’s the first ah heard of it! Ah’m a private person an those workers wull be peering in ma windaes.”

Another person added, “This will put much of the park in darkness. The shadow from that thing is going to be like walking in the dark.”

Consultation with local people is expected to take place in the coming weeks.

Have your say. What do you make of the proposals?

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