Wheatlands Knife Find

A local lady who wishes to remain anonymous, made a startling discovery this morning in her street at the Wheatlands, Blantyre.

She found a large kitchen knife lying in the middle of the road after leaving home earlier today Tuesday 9th April 2019.

She told us, “I feel I need to make the rest of Blantyre aware of what some people may be carrying!! I handed the knife to the police this after finding it in Baronhall Drive. It looks like it was either discarded or dropped accidentally. The fact that it was in the middle of the road makes me believe the latter. “

The lady continued to tell us how as a parent she worries for her teenage son whenever he goes out walking.

The alarming find comes only 2 weeks after a similar incident when a kitchen knife was found discovered in a garden at Coatshill. There is a possibility too that thieves may be using these to tamper with doors and windows.

The actual knife found is pictured.


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