Blantyre Steering Group Tonight

Blantyre Steering Group meet again tonight, Wednesday 24 April 2019 at Terminal One at 7pm.

The steering group have been meeting frequently and in the last few weeks, more regularly on a weekly basis to finalise their focused effort to form a long term Community Action Plan for all of Blantyre.

Lots of excellent work has already been done over the last few months to establish the plan, utilising the collated feedback of thousands of Blantyre people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Prioritising what needs to be addressed and what is important to people living in Blantyre is currently being looked at with output soon ready to go to the printers.

The volunteer organisation will shortly be publishing the product of their hard work by making available ‘Blantyre’s Community Action Plan’ for 2019-2024.

The motivated group has seen further new members join in recent weeks and a reminder that everybody is welcome to come along and take part. Primary aims include making a collective long term difference in all aspects of Community life in Blantyre by ensuring a pro-active “take action’ approach is pursued. The group has already identified many dozens of stakeholders including Local Authorities, Community groups, businesses and individuals in and around Blantyre with a vested interest in improving community life to the maximum benefit for all.


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