Ambitious Metro Plans

Ambitious new proposals have been laid out for a metro or tram system extending beyond the City Centre out into Greater Glasgow.

Glasgow Connectivity Commission wants about £10bn to be spent over the next 20 years on a range of measures to upgrade the city’s transport capacity.

It has been suggested a priority would be Glasgow Airport via Renfrew, Braehead and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, with lighter rail or trams extending out from the city centre in all directions.

The commission identified a high number of households without cars and has suggested installing this new network would add to infrastructure massively improving transport links and reliability for commuters.

Is Blantyre affected?

For our area in Blantyre, the proposals come up short, but plans show the network would have trams or new links through Halfway coming into Newton. In theory, it would allow commuters from Newton to directly travel to Glasgow Airport and a variety of new, local rail destinations.

These are just however proposals at this time.

It would take about £500m a year for the next 20 years to deliver the schemes. With heavy investment in English transport systems like HS2, it is widely recognised that Scotland should have similar improvements for its own population. Scottish Transport Secretary Michael Matheson said the proposals would be consider as part of the National Transport Strategy.

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