Columba Club Devastation

There’s nothing like a bird’s eye view!

This was the scene earlier today, high above the former Columba Club following Sunday’s devastating fire. As you’ll recall, the derelict club was ravaged by fire just before 3pm last weekend, with black, billowing smoke seen many miles away.

Emergency services got the blaze under control, but the building looks beyond saving. The roof completely gone. External walls collapsed and most of the internal walls burned to the ground.

We have learned that the building was deliberately set on fire with youths seen breaking in shortly before the fire started. An act of vandalism on that warm, sunny afternoon. Police and fire investigations continue.

Truly the end of an era. We wonder what will be next for this plot.

Have your say. What would YOU like to see being built here?

Photo Courtesy: Blantyre Drone Works.

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