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Did you know, you can support the community of Blantyre by becoming a subscriber to ‘Blantyre Telegraph’? With 100% of money raised going directly back to local good causes in and around Blantyre, we retain nothing.

Being a subscriber costs only £1 a month and signing up is quick and easy, securely by Paypal or card. You can stop anytime too! YOU are in control. 

If you appreciate our up to date, local Blantyre news service and all the efforts that go into it and want to support what we do, please consider becoming a subscriber. Join the growing number of subscribers.

This is of course voluntary. We’d never ask you to pay for content, but we do hope that after 8 years of bringing you breaking news in this town, you at least consider this method of preferred support. Is finding out everything quickly about Blantyre, free local advertising and being part of a Blantyre online community worth just £1 a month to you, (especially when you know it’s going back to Blantyre entirely?) If the answer is YES, please Subscribe! 

All monies raised will be transparently published at the end of each month. More information can be found on our main website. Thank you.

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