Car Breakins Wheatlands

There was a second night of breakins to Blantyre vehicles last night.

During the early hours of Wednesday 29th May 2019, several cars in the Wheatlands area were broken into, again following the same pattern of the night before with no windows smashed and entry via forced doors.

In Wheatlands Avenue, a car was broken into, seats moved, mats lifted and entry into the glove compartment. The owner only noticed when she got in her car at 7.30pm this morning. She told us, “The thought of this sickens me. Just wanted to make our neighbours and people around us aware that some low life is trying cars.”

Police were contacted.

Nearby and separately, a lady’s car in Baronhall Drive was broken into, with small items stolen from inside the car. (In this case, the thief dropped something in the car whilst robbing it, which is of interest to the police).

A reminder to be vigilant. It is clear this is a new wave of car breakins and they may move on to other streets. Please do report any suspicious activity to police and if you are the victim of crime, please always report it.

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