Blantyre Parking Consultation

Over the last few months we’ve been saving photos shared from readers regarding Parking issues in Blantyre. Tonight, we launch a ‘Blantyre Parking Consultation’ on and offline which will last for 4 weeks to collect further feedback and concerns.

We’re looking for YOUR feedback on all Parking related issues in Blantyre. e.g What parking should be improved? What can we do about inconsiderate parking on pavements which block prams and scooters? Where are the hotspots? Which streets? Is parking adequate at schools and the station? Do we need further Park and ride on a scale that Newton has? Is signage ok? Where could further carparks be sited? What about Glasgow Road?

Parking, the lack of it and inconsiderate parking has been a growing area of concern for Blantyre. Blantyre Telegraph has received many requests to do something about trying to improve parking over the years. We can certainly facilitate collecting data and suggestions. Indeed initial feedback provided by dozens of people earlier this year show Parking is one of Blantyre resident’s primary concerns. Something needs to be done.

Click the Consultation Form below and feel free to leave additional comments under this article. Everything will be collated.

With YOUR help, when consultation closes on 14th July 2019, we’ll collate all your feedback, create a heat map of issues and areas and pass a full report on to authorities and any interested action groups.

With new housing in Blantyre erected in the last year, parking in the town will be more important than ever. This is YOUR chance to speak below. Please do. Thanks.

Consultation Survey Form here:


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