ASDA Pizza Takeaway Open

ASDA’s new Pizza Takeaway Counter is now open!

Located in the ASDA cafe, the new takeaway offers 1 cooked, massive 16 inch pizza (with topping of your choice) for just £6! Thats one BIG pizza!

Sit in or takeaway, hot fresh pizzas are also available by the slice for £1.50.

There’s plenty of choice, including vegetarian options. A whole choice of sides and dips too.

Sides includes mozzarella sticks, French fries, mac cheese bites, chilli cheese bites, onion rings and southern fried chicken strips. 

There’s £5 and £15 deals available too. The £15 deal includes 1 x 16″ pizza, 4 sides, large bottle of ginger and a Ben and Gerrys ice cream. The £5 deal includes 1 large pizza slice with fries, 1 side medium dispensed drink and small Ben and Gerrys ice cream.

ASDA will soon add this to JustEat although their delivery service is not up and running yet. We’ve attached the menu.


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