Donation to Calderside Nursery

After the deliberate fire by vandals yesterday which burned down the playhouse in the grounds of Calderside Nursery, things are looking up today, Friday 05 July 2019.

We’ve been to visit the kids and staff at the Nursery and were delighted to hand over £100 towards the clear-up, buying new play equipment and building materials. Staff and the children were most appreciative as can be seen from this beaming picture!

We saw for ourselves how upset everybody was at the fire, which robbed up to 80 Blantyre children of a popular outdoor play area.

Community Rallies

We have to mention also the amount of support the nursery has received in the last 24 hours including generous donations of wood to rebuild and offers from skilled tradespeople to rebuild the playhouse. Staff have been overwhelmed by the kindness of many people and their collective community spirit.

The Nursery are now reviewing their outdoor security and looking into provision of CCTV during out of hours.

Our donation was made possible with thanks to every one of our readers who bought an offline copy of the Blantyre Telegraph magazine last month. Want to help in causes like this? Simply buy our £1.99 colour magazine from local shops. Your continued support is most welcomed.

Photo: Blantyre Telegraph [with full permission]

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