Buller Crescent Home Intruder

A woman was frightened and shocked last night to discover an intruder in her home at Buller Crescent, Blantyre.

Last night at around 4am in the early hours of Sunday 14 July 2019, a local lady was awoken at her home at Buller crescent upon hearing a noise in her kitchen. When she went to check, she was shocked to be confronted by a male figure standing in her home, going through her cupboards.

She began to shout loud to wake up other family members. He then turned round and flashed a torch in the lady’s face making it almost impossible for her to see him properly. He had then ran through the conservatory back door and out the house, making his way off down the street.

Her daughter told us today, “My brothers ran out the front door to try and find the man that had entered our home. He escaped by jumping over a fence into back gardens. Police arrived very quickly and then a sniffer dog was brought in to search gardens. At 12pm today, fingerprints were then lifted by a specialist.”

The house owner suffers severe health conditions and is very distressed today. However, she wants everyone to be aware of this and lock their doors, looking out for each other until this lowlife is caught.

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