Doors Tried Second Night

The audacity of burglars! Would you believe houses in the same street as yesterday’s burglary were tried again in Swiburne Avenue, Blantyre.

Door handles were tried again for the second night running in the early hours of Thursday 18th July 2019.

A burglar was back at the same house at 4.30am trying the doors again, including others homes in the street. This time he was observed.

He is described as male, wearing a Black Track suit, white trainers – white motif on track suit – perhaps Nike or North Face.

A local resident told us, “We saw him in our garden and police had already been alerted by someone in Hunthill Road so gave chase. However, he got away!”

This latest incident follows a pattern over the last few evenings where homes are being targeted on the western (Calder) side areas of Blantyre with another house on Bardykes Road also reporting an attempted entry.

A reminder to everybody , if you think your home has been “tried” by thieves, please in the first instance immediately report it to police. Thanks.


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