Positivi’tea Cafe

Positivi’tea cafe is a great new class in Blantyre which focuses on mental fitness for people aged 14 and above. A real workout for the mind.

It’s run every week by Natalie Barrett on a Tuesday night from the Nazarene Hall, Elm Street, Blantyre from 7.30pm until 9pm. Come along and join in next week.

Natalie puts a lot of effort into each class after studying the power of positive thinking and meditation for nearly 10 years. She told us, “If there’s a book on the topic, trust me I’ve read it, studied it and probably listened to the audio book!”

She continued, “I totally love learning and now teaching others about various ways to find yourself and take charge of your mind and retrain it to find the positive even on the days that you need to look a little harder. This class is a non profit class all I ask is that everyone who comes puts a donation in to the jar in order to help me cover the cost of hall and teas and coffees etc”

“The classes are varied too. There’s a different positive or healing topic every week and class always includes a meditation. Come along everyone is welcome and I promise if it will change your life! “

Positivi’tea Cafe provides a friendly, kind, loving safe space to drive away negativity, inner critic, low self esteem and lack of confidence.

There’s a warm welcome awaiting!

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