Costa Coffee – Update

Architects have now submitted revised plans to South Lanarkshire Council for the proposed Costa Coffee at Glasgow Road.

Plans have already been submitted for the coffee giant to be sited on the recently levelled, vacant ground that faces out towards the Sports Centre.

Planning is still being considered following minor tweaks from the new plans submitted on 8th July 2019, but the design and layout has largely not changed. All being well with planners, the proposal is still very much going ahead for a Costa Coffee ‘Drivethough’ and “sit in” in Blantyre, similar in scale to the photo pictured.

As ASDA spokesperson told us, “Contractors currently on site in Blantyre are there for our planned renovation of the external facade of the store and to prepare for the relocation of a business [Timpsons] from the reception foyer.”


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  1. it is good to a now coffee place, to turn up and show your face.

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